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SDT Molecular appointed sole distributor for Microbix 


Microbix Biosystems develops and commercializes proprietary biological and technological solutions for human health and wellbeing. It manufactures a wide range of critical biological materials for the global diagnostics industry, notably antigens used in immunoassays and Quality Assessment and Proficiency (QAPs™) testing products. 


[ NEWS ]
SDT Molecular appointed sole distributor for Deyvser


Devyser, is a Sweden company that specialises in in-vitro diagnostic products for genetic testing, such as hereditary diseases, oncology and transplantation. Their products are used to guide targeted cancer therapies, to enable rapid prenatal diagnostics, as well as in post transplant follow-up.


[ NEWS ]
SDT Molecular to distribute Generon for Food Testing


Generon is a biotechnology company in Italy that manufactures and markets instruments and reagents for the quality control of food products, feeds and water. It offers rapid analytical solutions for analysis laboratories and food companies that need to guarantee the safety of their products develops.


[ NEWS ]
SDT Molecular appointed sole distributor for Qiagen OEM


The OEM business unit by QIAGEN was established as a strategy to allow their products and technologies to be broadly accessible to developers and manufacturers in the science research, molecular diagnostics and applied testing markets. With their expertise, capabilities and reputation in the market, they can deliver anything from an individual component to an entire workflow, tailored to your in-house development and manufacturing needs. 

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