SDT Molecular Pte Ltd was established in 2017, by Ms Tan Shirley who holds a decade of experience in the field of molecular diagnostics. Led by Shirley and her team, SDT Molecular envisions to be recognised as one of the foremost providers for Total Diagnostic Solutions, committing to deliver products and services of high calibre to professionals and partners in the field of clinical diagnostics.

SDT Molecular has been certified for Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device (GDPMDS) and has been practising in line with the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA) and Ministry of Health (MOH Biosafety) for the importation and distribution of diagnostic products.

SDT Molecular started off by offering molecular diagnostic tests for Infectious Diseases. Presently, it is also offering other molecular diagnostic solutions such as Quality Controls, External Quality Assurance (EQA) and Instrumentations, to complement the molecular diagnostic workflow and to meet the ever-evolving needs in the clinical diagnostic industry. Over the years, SDT Molecular has gained reputation in the molecular diagnostics field, establishing strong ties with customers, primarily public hospitals and private laboratories, and government agencies in Singapore. Furthermore, SDT Molecular work closely with principals from the Europe and Asia region and has began collaborating with partners in the South-East Asia region to further expand our distribution network. 

Likewise, to meet the demands of our customers and partners, SDT Molecular is also expanding into Genetic Testing, Food & Environment Safety Testing, Laboratory Consumables, Manufacturing and Rapid Tests. As of 2021, SDT Molecular is representing a total of 22 brands.

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