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Features & Benefits

  • Time-saving state-of-the-art application software

  • Loading dialogue guides through each loading step to ensure completeness of setup procedure

  • Can be connected to one or several real-time PCR instruments

  • Automatic programming of connected real-time PCR instruments

  • Bidirectional LIMS interface / lab integration

  • Import of sample information and worklist

  • Export of results data

  • Data import via barcode reader or via LIMS

  • Predefined purification protocols

  • Automated selection of controls and standards

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple CFX96™ Deep Well DX Systems can be connected with the AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow (AltoStar® Connect software)

  • Sensitive detection for up to five targets

  • Time-saving management via data import through use of handheld barcode scanner or via LIMS (AltoStar® Connect software)

  • Automatic programmimg of real-time PCR instruments via AltoStar® Connect software

  • Streamline data analysis with built-in analysis modules

  • PCR quantification with standard curve analysis

  • Export of results (see AltoStar® Connect software, additional information see CFX Manager™ Dx software)

Product list

  • AltoStar® Processing Plate

  • AltoStar® Eluate Plate

  • AltoStar® Eluate Plate Sealing Foil

  • PCR Plate & AltoStar® PCR Plate Sealing Foil

  • AltoStar® PCR Plate Sealing Foil

  • 1000 µl CO-RE Tips & 300 µl CO-RE Tips

  • Pooling Tube

  • Waste Bag

  • Sample Tube & Sample Tube Caps

  • AltoStar® Container Re-Sealing Foil

  • Screw Caps - red, blue, orange, purple, white

  • Dymo Labels

  • 2 ml Tube

  • AltoStar® Starter Kit

  • AltoStar® Plate Sealer

  • Table with table holder and Ergotron arm

AltoStar Connect software

AltoStar® Connect software 


The AltoStar® Connect software is used to operate the AltoStar® Automation System AM16. The user of the AltoStar® Connect software must be trained to operate the AltoStar® Connect software together with the AltoStar® AM16 instrument and the reagents, which are provided by altona Diagnostics GmbH for use with the AltoStar® system.



AltoStar® Detection


AltoStar® Detection completes the final part of the AltoStar® Automation System AM 16 workflow with two units of the real-time PCR cycler CFX96™ Deep Well Dx System (Bio-Rad). All other relevant hardware, like a fully equipped PC and handheld barcode scanner, are included. The CFX96™ Deep Well Dx System is CE-IVD marked, in compliance with the European Union diagnostic medical device manufacturing standards.


AltoStar Detection

AltoStar® Consumables


Below is a list of all AltoStar® Consumables relevant for the AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow. For optimized consumables managment all material is carefully selected and specially tailored (e.g. barcode) to the needs of each part of the workflow. 

To download the AltoStar® list of consumables, click here.


AltoStar Equipment
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